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19. How much does it cost to be a dirtbag?

It seems to cost as much as you’re willing to spend… or scrounge

At Miguels there’s a box for folks to leave leftover grub and what not… off the top of my head here’s a small sampling of the best of what we’ve scavenged

2 Large high quality pots (like non-stick and shit!), Mugs and utensils (who doesn’t use this stuff at home), 3 jars of peanut butter (really creamy stuff), 2 bottles of olive oil, 20 tortilla wraps , Tortilla Chips, 3 large bags of dehydrated beans (these did leave us gassy and happy), Cans galore (Ravioli of the chefs best, 3 refried beans, 3 tuna, 1 sardines, mixed veggies, collards, sweet peas, spinach, asian super mix, chili con carne), Dark Cocoa mix (the real expensive nice stuff),  and last but not least 1/5 bottle of Bourbon (This was definately the best find!)

We are prime foragers, like bears we fuel ourselves by what we can scavenge.  We are becoming the “right” kind of dirtbags.  That’s as long as the scurvy doesn’t kill us off first.

So it’s the end of November and we’re still climbing in t-shirts.

Reliquary 5.12c (I prefer the grade from 2nd guide book)… project remains.  Perhaps…just perhaps, scrounging table scraps isn’t nourishing us for success, then again maybe it’s the beer.

We also “climb with” other big named climbers…

The words “ climb with” could possibly be replaced by “climb near” or maybe even “creep on”.  This doesn’t change the facts.  Thomasina Pidgeon was impressed by the chickens we killed and cooked, then made into delicious soup.  Dave Graham smiled a little too nicely at Samantha, and nearly got his scrawny ass kicked.  Emily Harrington smiled very nicely at me, and to be polite I smiled very nicely back, and then she nearly got her scrawny ass kicked (by Samantha this time).  Jonathan Seigrist was impressed that I had managed to lose a single sock at the crag.  I impressed a big name climber.   The point is we’re kinda a big deal…by association…

Samantha creeps real hard

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Was once described in the Alpine Journal of Canada as "smelling of perfume and whiskey"...

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