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79. When life gives you lemons…

photo 2

You cut that shit up into quarters and gently rest it on the edge of your Gin and Tonic.

Ok, first off I’d like to address my sponsors (Petzl/BD/Rich people/Metolious/Scarpa…), with a big fuck right off. Due to your inability to see my prowess and general amazingness I had to revert to the ways of the common folk and had to exchange my precious time and effort on the accumulation of dollar bills. I believe in the common tongue these are referred to as a job. Gross. I know… I feel so dirty.
The thing is this tragedy was completely preventable. But don’t worry, I am a forgiving sort, you can act now and prevent this calamity from continuing. If you start sending me piles of awesome stuff I’ll let you off the hook and we can make up.


Krissy attacking her Spicy Elephant 13b

So I’ve escaped the indignity of exchanging my exceptional talents for cash, and can now continue my philanthropic work and volunteer my time to ensuring the betterment of the world…by climbing all the chossiest choss around. Thusly I voyaged back to the Bow Valley to play at climb. Then this shit happened…See below.


Snow… for mixing into your Gin and Tonic?! But managed to make due anyway. My toughness and bravery know no bounds.

photo 1

Ben warming up on his 5.8 proj


Scooter, the legendary rig pig himself at The Lookout.

Also, because the internet without climbing porn sucks. I’ve added some oldies but goodies…

Folks have been asking what Flatangers is like.  It’s big



This is what the climbing looks like.  .


And this…


The only problem with Norway (besides the exceptionally expensive beer and the endless hateful winter) is you don’t get to dry hump tufas.


Samantha juicing tufas in Turkey


Yes, this is the year.  Sponsorship will be mine!  Also, Tanqueray I’d be willing to entertain sponsorship possibilities.


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Was once described in the Alpine Journal of Canada as "smelling of perfume and whiskey"...

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