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80. Leaf peepin’ and such

IMG_3447Nathan making moves on one of Nova Scotias newest/raddest new sport routes… sandbagged 1oc NS style, 11b everywhere else.

Fact: I’m a goal setter
Fact: My goals are usually stupid

Here are some of my goals;
1) Discover a new species of megafauna
2) Ride a killer whale into battle
3) Climb the Sentinel Tower
I’ve recently kicked off two of my long standing goals. You can be sure whimsy and delight ensued.


Just up from Lake Louis… tower on left


Goal #3 kicked…


Two Headed Grizzly!
I’d like to announce my recent scientific discovery of the first two headed grizzly. The long sought and rumoured creature of lore has emerged in the wilds of BC, and yours truly has the evidence. I anticipate that soon the two headed grizzlies, with their increased brain capacity and general bad assedness will become the new top predator. I for one would like to welcome our new overlords.

Goal #1 kicked…

_MG_1461Tom on Thunderstruck 12a

Anyway… goal #2 remains. But I remain optimistic.  I’m currently back to my leaf peeping ways down in America.  In particular the New River Gorge is has wonderful foliage this time of year.


Check the shit out of those leaves.  Pretty as all get out.


Photo Cred to the super talented Aidas Rygelis

Also I lived and worked (gross… I know) on a barge on the Sunshine coast.  It looked like this.


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