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84. This happened; Recap Edition

Ok… here’s a quick break down of what a dirt bags year can look like.

This took about 5 months… so that all of the fun can happen.  Arrived back in the Bow Valley at just that hell of a time when the world is too cold for rock climbing, but to hot for ice climbing.   I had to make due.

IMG_6553This route is Swiss Cheese…. it’s a dry tool route originally graded M11.  Planting makes you so skinny, that after months of not climbing, I did this route on my third try.   Petzl take note.  My new thing is to rule the “off the couch” climbing scene.

Then this happened…IMG_6738

Snow… a lot of it.  So I had to make due.


We did a lot of snow walking… so we could do this


And it just kept coming… so I suffered on


I was so brave…


After a lot of that… managed a bit of this.



Then for some reason I don’t yet truly understand… this happened… for free… my life rules

IMG_0495 (1)


Then it was Christmas… and I was stuck with these crappy skiers.  So I ate lots of bacon while they tried to learn to ski normal.


Notice the poor body position… leaning to far back.


This one is just straight up facing the wrong way…

Today this happened… Steep snow walking


…but it happened for this


I continue to suffer…  I’m sure you’re all sympathetic towards my plight.

Anyway, gonna get back on the blogging train… Petzl, take note!

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Was once described in the Alpine Journal of Canada as "smelling of perfume and whiskey"...

One response to “84. This happened; Recap Edition

  1. Mom ⋅

    There was no need to return the camera…it was given to you! Anyway, it is here if you want it. Love, Mom
    P.S. Wonderful photos, glad to see you are enjoying the great outdoors ❤️

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