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87. Free Ice Climbing Guide to Nova Scotia


Well… it’s that time of year again.  If you said, October you’d be correct.  But also, it’s that time of year when it’s been so long since you froze your ass off, while hanging from a giant popsicle with medieval weapons and dubious pro, that you start thinking. “Hey, ice climbing isn’t that miserable, I’m excited.  Soon I’ll get to suffer in a new and frosty way.”

If this is your thought process, you’re clearly, like me, an idiot with a penchant for suffering.   However, we, the fortuitous few with this kind of proclivity for misery are the lucky.  Life is a pile of suffering, and if you can take some sort of sick joy in immersing yourself in that reality, then real misery will be easier to confront. 


Seb on the FA of Equinimity WI5 Black Rock NS

I’m savagely thankful for each day I get to torture myself in some ingenious new way.  Thus, I’m doing my best to share joy.

So if you keep track at MEC, they’re all sold out of the ice guide to Nova Scotia.  I sold the last few hard copy guidebooks to Climb Nova Scotia.  You might be able to get a copy off them… Check their sweet new website.  

However, the power of technologizing is amazing.

This is a pdf for the Ice Guide to NS! TADA! FREE!!


Here’s a low quality original of the back cover… and also one of the coolest ice routes in Nova Scotia.

Also, there’s been some local Nova Scotia ice crushing by the prolific Max Fisher.  He put together a nice little guide to some of the routes he’s put up in the Cape Chignecto area.  This is a beauty area, that likely has lots more potential for new routes.   It’s about 3 hour drive from Halifax, but only 2 hours from Moncton or PEI. 

This is a link to Max’s sweet blog and his Ice Guide to the Chignecto area!  TADA! FREE!!

So there it is, a free guide to increased joy through suffering acceptance.  Have at, supplicate the higher powers for a cold winter, and go kick some goals!

dscn1242Moose River, Nova Scotia.  With all of the ice.   Photo cred Max.

Well… I remain unsponsored, if anyone at  Scarpa/Arcteryx/BD or whoever have some gear laying around and wants to donate.  I’m your man.   I remain confident I’ll be hearing from you soon. Fame, fortune, and free stuff.  Here I come!

img_1582Also, if you live in the Rockies.  Ski season has started.  Here we are hiking 32km for ten turns in not enough snow.


img_1562So we went higher up… and wore tutu’s in a white out.

img_1456Luke… in a tutu… in a whiteout.


img_1435Skiing without seeing.  No tutu.  Alex Armstrong skis by smell.  She’s sponsored… can you climb by smell?  #k2alberta  #hookmeuptoo

img_1322Here I am suffering on Swiss Cheese M9

img_1312Canmore doing Canmore

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