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88. Things I think are neat

Well, it been some time since I’ve written anything that I’ve sent to the outside world  (I secretly still love to write, mostly my work place OH&S’s are off the hook).   I miss writing and documenting adventures.  This ultimately comes down to the fact that I’ve come to work in the most beautiful of locations, for a corporation that is terrified of social media… do blogs count as such?!   Anyway, I’ve decided to blow caution to the wind and continue the ol’ passion project.  Here’s two links to things I think are neat!

Here’s movie about my favourite ski bum and what ski bumming is all about…

Ski bum premium movie fun time

Note: Because I’m not willing to pay the extra fee, you’ll have click on the links

Here’s a movie that makes no sense and I made fuelled by love of cats and fences

Organic Snow Farmers of Lake Louise

This blog has traditionally been a platform to gather free gear for climbing, as of late skiing has been a modus operandi for upward movement.  It may reflect as such.  Ski companies…  I expect to hear from you soon…


Discontent over not receiving free shit.


Alex is good at falling over in skis.


The most Canadian photo of all time.  Inuksuk, Giant hotel in wilderness, Smoke from forest fires and Elk swimming.  Full tourist package summed up.


Here we can ski before Halloween.  Mountains are neat.


I became a hipster and rode my bike to work.


Petch, father of two.  Doesn’t sleep, only shreds.



Amidst throwing bombs, the weather cleared for a short moment.  Made life less terrifying.  This was an amazing day, if you never seen someone dig both tips and lawn dart into the distance, you’ve never lived.


Rockies has the softest, least consolidated, most faceted of blower pow.

Anyways, if there are any ski/climbing/pant companies willing to hook me up, I’m still waiting to hear from you….



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